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I created a 3D world map app a collection of useful features.It has become a convenient map application that can be used not only travel, but also to everyday life and work.[Gesture Control]・2 fingers turns→turn a map(change direction)・2 fingers slide→change camera position
[Feature List]・Display your location・Transfer to the location・Transfer of the map, by address or keyword search・Select from 4 Map types(Normal,Satellite,Terrain,Satellite(Hybrid))・Show Traffic jam・Spot display in Japan・Registration of the pin(maximum 20)・Adress display of tap point・Display of Street View・Distance measurement・English-speaking
Address, a keyword search, for example, if you search the "Roppongi", location of Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan appears. Map can be displayed in the search by keyword and "Tokyo Sky Tree" and "Yokohama Chinatown".In spot view of Japan, it is divided into 18 fields, "Shrine", "Temple", "Museum", "Art gallery", "castle", "historical site", "zoo" and "aquarium" etc. to display a mark to the map. You can also be displayed by selecting the only optional area.The pin that can be a new registration, you will be able to describe the "title, time, and more" in the information of 1.
【OS version】4.0 and over(under 4.0 may not works normally)
Enjoy it!